About Us

Barr Eco has grown to become a leading LED Light supplier in India with vast on site experience and in-house manufacturing making us a quality conscious LED Lights manufacturer in India.

Why we say that we are quality conscious LED lighting manufacturers? We say this as we have absolute control over our purchase process which in turn gives us the best products from the most authentic suppliers. Along with this we also make sure that every procedure in manufacturing and testing is carried out with utmost care. Also our engineers, designers, staff and ground level implementation team is well trained and know there job. These are a few of the reason why we are also one of the best LED Lights brands in India.

Today we get requirements from the general public asking where to buy LED Lights in India? as there are so many players people are not sure of what quality they get, some ask us the question that are you a manufacturer or just importers and we reply “yes, we are manufacturers” and we manufacture the whole range at out factory in Pune such as LED Street Lights, Flood lights, Indoor Lights including LED strip lights for homes in India.

Apart from delivering quality LED Lights we also manufacture Solar Lighting solutions for outdoor and indoor. We incorporate some of the best solar panels available in the industry with whom we have OEM supply and we make all stands and fittings very much here in our factory in Pune.

Our range of products is wide and we request you to go through all of them, however be rest assured that whatever maybe the product we deliver you the best quality keeping in minds the best components, processes, technology and standards.