Highbay LED Lights

In our LED highbay Lights we use 2 type type of light emitters i.e- COB and the second one is a clustered LED. In this clustered LED technology we basically take a bunch of high powered LED’s and cluster them together.So now you would ask why do all this? to which the answer is simple: we cluster the LED’s to give it a cob effect by using very bright LED’s making the system more power efficient than the COB’s available in the market.These high power light emitters are supported by thermal grease which has a thermal conductivity of 3 and above making the interface between the clustered LED’s and the heatsink seamless.

We also use more than required aluminium in our heatsink making these highbay lights have a long continuity and with very little light fading.

Even here in this highbay light the components used are the best i.e – we use the best LED’s available worldwide, Power efficient LED driver (Low THD, PF>.90) and lenses/reflectors making this product extremely reliable and the best in its competition.

The Lights come in 3 light colour variations i.e- 3000k, 4500k and 6000k which range from 30 watts to 200 watts.