Led Flood Lights

The LED flood lights have sturdy, rugged, water proof IP 65 construction which have a low power consumption. These lights replace inefficient and high power consuming Halogen lights as they consist of the best High Power LED and high efficiency driver making the overall system extremely bright and cost saving.

All our LED Flood lights are for all weather conditions and can be used in stadiums, parks, playgrounds, warehouses etc and they have an easy mounting solution. These flood lights are adjustable and have angular lenses to further optimize the light output and as per the needs of the user which in turn will lead to very little light wastage.

These fixtures go through rigorous testing and quality checks making them bright, power saving, stable performing, long life without degradation and extremely reliable making our fixtures one of the best LED flood lights in India.

The range is from 10watts to 180watts and come in light color temperature from 3000k – 6500k.


Warehouse, Lawns, Stadiums ,Shopping Malls, Playing Areas, Gyms, Outdoor Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Hoardings & Facade Lighting