Led Indoor Lights


Barr Eco’s LED Indoor lighting solutions comprise of very best LED’s available worldwide and our in house manufactured LED driver which powers the LED lamp our extremely efficient making the product super bright compared to the rest. If one compares our 12 watt spotlights or 15 watt round panel lights to the other LED indoor lights in India available we will be at least 20%-30% brighter than most of our competition. At the same time we ensure that we use more than optimum heat sink which ensures the life of the product does not diminish and the LED will never fade or change in color.

We need not mention but we follow the best standards in the industry when it come assembly, testing and technology for our LED light. Our strong procurement team purchases the best brands in LED’s and components for the light. With the help of various testing tools and labs we have maintained the quality above our competition at all times.

We also have our own fixtures which can be given various finishes to match the interiors such as textures and colors which is not available in most Indian indoor LED lights, we use various finishing tools and special paints and powders keeping the product standard up there at all times.

Taking these multiple factors in consideration we can confidently say that we are one of the best LED indoor lights in India. Go through the Indoor LED lighting portfolio and see the various designs and colors which are available with us today however be rest assured that all the components used in there are world class and have reached the pinnacle of technology.


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