LED Panel Lights

Led Panel Lights come in round and square variations. These lights are generally used where the height in the false ceiling is very less or there is an obstruction where the depth of the light is of utmost importance. The technology used in these lights is a reflective technology with light guide plates which enable the light to be reflected and carried forward. The Led’s in these lights are mounted on the Side of the fixture and hence is also know as Edge lit Led Lights.

Once again as we always say that our components used are the best i.e- we use the best Light guide plates , reflectors ,high efficiency driver (Low THD, PF>.90) and diffuser plate making this product extremely reliable and the best in its competition.

The Lights come in 3 light colour variations i.e- 3000k, 4500k and 6000k which range from 4 watts to 24 watts.