LED Square Lights

The Led Square Lights manufactured by us are of two types i.e- one which is an edge lit panel light and the other which is a backlit light. The edge lit panel lights are covered under panel lights however this category is about the backlit square lights that we manufacture. These backlit square lights are used when there is no depth restriction as the thickness is much more than an edge lit light.These also come in a higher wattages which are available in 2ft X 2ft and 1ft X 1ft.

Even here the components used are the best i.e- we use the best LED’s available worldwide, High efficient LED driver (Low THD, PF>.90) and diffuser plate making this product extremely reliable and the best in its competition.

The Lights come in 3 light colour variations i.e- 3000k, 4500k and 6000k which range from 4 watts to 20 watts.
2ft X 2ft Backlights come in 24watts to 40 watts.
1ft X 1ft Backlights come in 15watts to 30 watts.