Led Street Lights

Barr Eco’s LED manufactures and supplies bright and efficient LED Streets lights in India due to its broad distributor network and associates. We also supply poles as per our clients customization and needs. We guide the client for installation and fabrication due to our strong ground level knowLEDge and experience and also design and optimize the LED with lenses. These LED lighting systems are generally used to replace CFL Street lighting with LED street lights making the roads and streets a safer and brighter place.

The street lights that we manufacture comprise of an extremely power efficient driver, IP65 rated fittings, top brand LED’s, super efficient lenses and high quality ms/ss poles. These parameters can be customized as per the specification related to the application.

Our LED AC street lights uses lenses to further optimize light thrown on the street thus giving “Usable Light” and not wasting it away as per conventional LED street lights in India, along with this our poles are also height adjusted taking various parameters into consideration such as:- area to be lit and mounting places.

We provide our customers with End to End solutions with a range from 9watts to 150 watts.All they have to do is give us the go ahead and we manufacture, install and service these lights if required.

Highways, Community Roads, Outdoor Lighting, Industrial Lighting & City Roads societies, housing complexes, parks, gardens etc.


Below are images of our testing  procedure which go through series of test parameters