LED Tube Light

Here at Barr Eco we manufacture LED tube light lights in 1foot , 2Foot & 4 feet length variations and all these lengths come in T5 and T8 options which can be retrofit and wall mounted , in fact since we are manufacturers we have customized solutions for clients where we have made LED tube lights up to 10 feet.

Due to the unorganized sector and imports the LED tube light price in India has become very cheap but this has also Led to a drop in quality and reliability. There are many options to buy LED lights online in India but it is very tough to confirm the quality and genuineness of these products as the LED’s used are substandard and the electronic components are cheap which make the LED lights in India price competitive. Keeping in mind the current trend of the market we have manufactured a tube light which uses the best and brightest LED for tube lights and we manufacture our own driver which uses imported IC from the world leading IC players which in turn leads to a price competitive , bright and extremely reliable LED tube light.

We need not mention but this product goes through rigorous testing which comprise of multiple methods and manufacturing process controls which once again ensure that the LED tube light is reliable and the best in its competition when it leaves our factory here in Pune. Our Tube light also comes with customized attractive packing which ensures that the product does not get damaged in transit , hence we tell our clients do not see the LED tube light price in India but the quality of it instead.