Solar Street Lights

Barr Eco’s now designs and manufactures Solar Street Lights in India which dot the landscape in rural parts of Maharashtra. These lights are highly efficient and necessary for the lighting needs in places where sunlight is abundant. Rural areas require these lights as they are stand alone and do not require the grid. However in urban areas require these lights as the cost of power is very high and these can be used as a power saving option.

We offer lenses on our lights thus further optimizing light to “usable light” and minimizing waste light.
Right from manufacturing the lights and poles we integrate, install and service these lights.
This allows our customer a one stop window making it easier for implementing.

Our Solar Street Light in India today have gripped many rural areas as we deliver a good value for money. These solar power LED street lights have unique features which show whether the battery is charging, fully charged or discharged, we also offer a “Hybrid Switch” which allows the battery to be charged from the mains in case of cloud cover. This although will make the unit wired and not stand alone.

The luminary is IP 65 and extremely rugged and dust proof. Our poles can be custom designed and are made of GI giving them a long life as well. These solar street light price is not expensive also. The options can be tapered to fit in your budget.

These Solar Street Lights are very reliable as they go through stringent quality checks and test parameters. The range for these solutions start from from 9watts and go all the way to 60watts.


Road lighting, external compound lighting, security lighting ,remote lighting and lighting unaccesible places such as cliffs, mountains ,etc where no electricity can reach.

Click image below to view specification chart

solar street lights

A 9w standalone solar street light installation and a technical sketch below