Wall Mounted LED Light

Over here at our factory we manufacture wall mounted led lights which come in various mounting fixtures like adjustable goose neck pipes and more conventional mounting techniques. Our Knurly series in particular goes very well with wall mounting fixtures. As these wall mounting fixtures are generally used to highlight some object such as a painting or graphic however aesthetics once again is of utmost importance and we are experts at delivering that.

Along with Aesthetics we always ensure that our wall mounted led light will always comprise of the best components from the LED to the IC used in the driver(Low THD, PF>.90). Once you see the finish and reliability of this product you will realise the work gone into making this product once again a cut above the rest.

The Lights come in 3 light colour variations i.e- 3000k, 4500k and 6000k which range from 4 watts to 16 watts. Since we have our own custom design we can customise colours to fit themes.